Città Invisibili

A path through the narrow streets of the historic city centre takes to various performances. Any thing: lights, veils, costumes, fire , great passion and work of artists and director create an unbelievable invisible city.

In occasion of this event the owners open the ancient palaces that become stages. The technicias with ability illuminate streets and the courts and cover their with veils, carefully drapped around the walls, creating in this way gorgeous stages.

Children enchanted look at the preparations and they talk with the artists and technicias.

The night the show starts from the Purità beach: there the artists ansemble and, after a short event introduction and presentation, in single file set off along the path. Any artists group leaves the procession when the group arrives on its stage.

The event lasts three days and it is a great occasion of fun for people that set off from more part of country to see the Teatro Potlach performance named Città Invisibili.


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Gallery 9



Gallery 9