This story began with an e-mail that my brother sent to me: he wrote nothing; he only attached the timetable of the journey of the Olympic Flame trough my country, ending in Turin at the start of next winter Olympic Games.
Suddenly I realized that the Flame was in Gallipoli, the town where I live, exactly in that day and then, in the evening, in Lecce, the town where I work.
It was impossible for me to stop my mind thinking at the time when I was at school and my teachers told me about Olympic Games, Mr. De Coubertin and the way in which the Flame was lighted on the top of Olympus Mount in Greece by Sun rays and never turned off till the end of the Games.
This event was an important opportunity for me and soon I kept the decision to attend to the Olympic Flame procession. I did not know the strength of the emotions I was going to feel...

As soon as I ended working, I went back to Gallipoli, I took my cameras and then I started searching for the Torchbearers and all the Olympic convoy through the street of  my town.
There was a nice weather on that day, with an intense light and limpid air, while some white and grey clouds were in contrast with the deep blue of the sky. All this was the must to take some photos of the event, but I hat to find the convoy first.
After searching a lot, I found the Olympic procession: they were having their lunch in a restaurant on the city promenade. The Torchbearers, with their white tracksuits and the Olympic rings on them, were having their lunch, while, outside, policemen and sponsor’s staff members were waiting for them.

I don’t know if  because of the bad weather (a violent cloudburst occurred just few minutes before), if because of the small amount of publicity given to the event or – but I can’t believe it – because of the indifference of people, but only few townsmen were attending to the event…
When the procession restarts, the Flame (until then I hadn't seen it yet) was carried by athletes throughout the expected path in the town and policemen and sponsors’ staff  were all around it.
I decided to wait for the Flame along the path and finally the torchbearer arrives. He had the flame in his hands and my emotion was hard because I thought that the fire I was looking at was the same that burns a long time and comes from Olympus Mount, the house of Zeus and his ancient Greece gods court. The Olympic Games were born in Greece a lot of years ago and at that time they were a very important event. So important that also wars were stopped to allow the athletes to take part in.



Again I decided to precede the Flame: I went near the place where a new Torchbearer was waiting for the Flame. I was surprised as I discovered that the next torchbearer was a ten years old boy who was waiting to carry for the next 400 meters. His face showed a deep emotion and tension for the duty he was going to do as well as the expression of the athlete who had just given Olympic Game Symbol to the young boy was very intense for the emotion and the effort made running with the Flame by hand.

In the night the torch arrived in Lecce. In Saint Oronzo square, the most important square in Lecce, they fitted a stage where authorities were waiting for the Flame to arrive. An enthusiastic crowd was waiting for the last Torchbearer. The background of Duomo square, the capital of Barocco Style architectures, was fantastic for the last change from one Torchbearer to the last one who brought the Frame through the square, where it was greeted with a burst of applause.
The weak light and the crowd prevented me to take good photos of the magic moment, but the did not prevent me to have forever in my heart the emotion that I felt when I saw the Olympic Flame entering the square… and I was there!