Images and emotions... shapes and sensations... Immaginando is an art gallery, a photographic exhibition, an atelier of shapes, lights and colors. One place where lights and shapes, captured by the lens of the photographer after touching his heart, send you an emotion, one sensation... or simply describe an event, a travel. Immaginando is an open space, a point of contact for those sensations - now almost lost -  whose spring from the soul when you look at a sunset, at the reflex of the light on the water, when you are in front of a white beach which falls into the green or deep blue water of a far sea. It's the sea wave which breaks itself on a rock or which caress the sand with its characteristic noise that you can almost hear when looking at these photos.
This is what we want to bring in your houses, in your offices and shops, in squares and streets... in your hearts.
Our staff wish you to be able to feel those sensations each time you will rise your eyes and you'll find in front of you one of our photos.
This is also a place where you can express your impressions and your sensations: participate to our forum and help us to excite yourself with your opinion, your suggestions, your criticisms